Post Office Work Injuries

WOL+MED has helped hundreds of injured postal employees over the years.  We’ve seen injuries from lifting heavy packages, repetitive mail sorting, climbing stairs, and more.  I have personally had the opportunity to be on-site at a local post office to witness the hard work these federal employees go thru daily to get their jobs done.  It’s hard to believe (unless you’ve seen it first hand) just how hard of a job postal workers have.  Each year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts out data on the number of injured federal employees and the US Postal Service has by far the most, with nearly 50,000 reported cases per year.

When these folks get hurt, the federal government does an excellent job at covering their medical expenses.  The biggest problem for these injured workers is finding a qualified medical doctor who treats federal workers comp.  Even among workers comp doctors, it’s hard to find someone who even understands federal rules well enough to treat federal injured workers.  Of course, at WOL+MED, the medical doctors are federal workers comp experts, but we had to learn a lot of hard lessons along the way before we got to be as good as we are now.  We love to treat injured postal employees and other injured federal employees.  And guess what?  Those people love to come to WOL+MED to get treatment.

We find that a very high percentage of injured workers will refer their friends, family, and coworkers to us.  That’s usually what happens when a patient trusts us.  They want the people they know to have the same good experience.  It just makes sense.  WOL+MED BBQ’s for all of its patients at lunch time usually 2 or 3 times per month.  We like to do patient appreciation parties and we give patient appreciation gift bags for new patients.  We have games like Wii and a pool table too.  Why shouldn’t a visit to the doctor be fun?  That’s our philosophy because we truly believe that patients are #1.

So, check us out.  Hopefully, you won’t ever get hurt at work, but if you do, choose WOL+MED.  If you know of any federal employees who were hurt at work, please tell them about us.  We’re always ready to help new patients, even with same-day appointments.


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