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University of North Texas Eagles

Sports Rehab, UNT Football and You

Share By ajain on Oct 03, 2014

For all those crazy football fans, guess what? College football season is finally here! All those weekends when you sat in front of the T.V. and cheered on your favorite team, yes those days are back. University of North Texas Eagles are soon to be getting their Mean Green faces on. However, it may all seem like fun and games, but sports injury can be a serious deal of matter if not taken care of properly.

Nick and Back Pain

Relieving Neck and Back Pain

Share By ajain on Sep 29, 2014

At one point or another, we've been bothered by neck and back pain. Sometimes it goes away on its own, but other times a drive to the doctor is all it takes to ease that pain. Chronic low back pain affects nearly 31 million Americans and represents the most common cause of disability in persons less than 45 years of age.  It’s essential to know the causes and how to ease the pain. What are the causes? Neck and back pain can be caused by multiple reasons such as:

College Football

College Football and Avoiding Auto Injury

Share By ajain on Sep 08, 2014

An estimated 32% of fatal car crashes involve an intoxicated driver or pedestrian. Drinking and driving is a serious matter, especially when an auto injury is involved. Getting treatment right away is essential for quick recovery. Waiting too long to receive the care that’s required could make your treatment plan more expensive than needed. Pain usually doesn’t appear right after a crash, that’s why it’s very important to get the care you need immediately before it gets out of hand.


WOLMED and Back to School Health Tips

Share By ajain on Aug 22, 2014

It’s that time of year again! Yes, we’re talking about back to school. We hope everyone had a great summer break full of relaxation, swimming, exercising and eating healthy. It’s no surprise that once school starts back up, we start to get busy again. Parents get busier with getting their children ready, and children get busy with school and adjusting to a new schedule. We care about your health and wellness, so let’s start off by talking about how to keep your lifestyle healthy with the upcoming changes with back to school.

Don’t Look for the Easy Way Out

Zarona Summer Slim

The WOLMED Summer Slim Up is Here

Share capaliski's picture By capaliski on Aug 01, 2014

There's a lot of working out that happens during the summer. It's a perfect time to hit the gym, to diet or to take whatever steps necessary to make sure that you're staying tone and minimizing your body fat. We're obviously well versed in all these areas, and as you may have seen - we recently added the Zerona Fat Burning laser to our list of services. Since we love it so much - we're giving away 3 free Zerona sessions! That's right, you can be on your way to losing weight before you know it! The contest is easy, too! Simply follow the instructions: